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Victor Maslov - Piano


1- You began your studies at the Gnessin Moscow Special School of Music, where you were taught by your mother Olga Maslova. How was it like to be mentored by your mother and can you tell us a bit of her musical background as well?

It was very interesting and useful, she gave me a lot and I still use a lot of ideas and techniques that she has given to me. She is a very good pianist, but she decided to dedicate herself to the musical education, she graduated from Russian Academy of Music and now she is teaching in Moscow Gnesin Music School.

2- You later became a scholar of the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation and you received masterclasses from Dmitry Bashkirov for several years. How was it like to be trained by these masters?

Of course such persons gave me a lot of experience, Dmitri Bashkirov was my mentor for many years and he always inspired me to explore many interesting things, and Spivakov International Charity Foundation provided a lot of concert for me when I was I child, and venues have included Cadogan hall and many halls around Europe.

3- You gave your concerto debut at the age of nine with the State Symphony Orchestra of Moscow. Can you remember your feelings at the time?

It was an extremely exciting event for me, of course I was a bit nervous, but nothing really can compare with playing with orchestra, so it is one of the greatest memories for me.

4- Your recent season highlights included London Symphonic debut with RCM Philharmonic. What pieces did you play and how was it received by the audience?

We performed Tchaikovsky piano concerto №1 under baton of maestro Peter Stark, and I believe audience liked it pretty much, and it was a special honour for me to play with an orchestra from my college.

5- You won many prizes in various international competitions to date. Does anyone particularly stand out for you?

I would underline Concertino Praga competition, where I became an overall winner, and recorded my first CD, and also I am very proud of winning the RCM Concerto competition last year.

6- What are your fondest musical memories, privately or performing?

I adore to play on stage, so my best memories are connected with playing at great venues, such as Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory, Cadogan hall or Weil Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall.

7- How often do your practice?

Every day, at least 3 hours, otherwise hands and mind will be out of shape.

8- Would you consider teaching music in the future?

Yes, I am very interested in this and I hope sometime I will have opportunity to share my ideas with students.

9- Who would your dream accompanist be, from the present or past?

I would dream to work with any great conductor, it is a very special feeling when conductor supports you on stage, so I would not say any name, but say that it is a pleasure to work with any talented musician.

10- What advice would you give to young musicians at the start of their journey?

Always try to explore new things, listen to great musicians and love music!

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submission March 2017