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Talent-Unlimited as a website and a registered charity is still in its infancy, but that makes it dynamic and an exciting venture, so thanks for your support up to date. But we want more, more support, more ideas and more engagement. Firstly if you are not a ‘Friend’ become one, and then use your contacts and networks to spread the word and get people to join and come to concerts. The bigger we are the better service we can give to our friends and the greater will be our support to artists. We are formed in order to help the very talented musicians who lack the resources to complete their courses and who are studying in the top musical establishments and are already supported by their schools to a certain extent. Give us your ideas and inspiration, because we would like to organise events that you might wish to participate in either as guests or as organisors and all with the aim of providing financial support to the talented musicians we are dedicated to help. Please fill in the form below so we know what you want, and hope to deliver on these very soon.

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