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Timothy Ellis - Horn


1- You began your musical training in piano studying with Carole Presland. How do you remember this period and this tutor? Do you still play the piano?

I studied with Carole Presland as an undergraduate pianist at the Royal Academy, and enjoyed this time immensely. I do still play the piano, and have just recently performed a solo recital at Steinway Hall.

2- Is your family musical?

Yes, both grandparents on my mother’s side were horn players, though my grandmother was also a pianist – who studied at the Academy!

3- The start of your musical career coincided with studying with Emma Roberts. How did this master nurture and encourage you?

Emma was a total inspiration to my horn playing and music in general, so I enjoyed playing right from the start.

4- You spent 4 years in the National Children’s Orchestra. How do you recall this time and how do you think it built up to where you are now?

NCO gave me invaluable experience in orchestral playing, something that I am very grateful for now, as well as a much more extensive knowledge or repertoire. My particular highlight would have to be the ’06 tour of China.

5- You are a founding member of the Bucks Brass Trio. Can you introduce your fellow band members please?

The other members of the Buck Brass Trio are Richard Buck (trombone) and Daniel Walton (trumpet). We were founded in early 2012, when we were all first year students at the Academy.

6- How often do you practice?

Every day of course, though the amount of hours vary greatly depending on how busy my playing schedule gets.

7- Would you consider teaching music in the future?

Yes, in fact I teach quite a lot already.

8- How do you balance your study, performance and leisure times? What are the biggest sacrifices?

I always ensure that I leave time to relax in the evenings, which playing a brass instrument is certainly welcomed by the neighbours! I have many other interests, including photography, which I always put time aside for to maintain a healthy balance.

9- Would you share with us your projects for the future please?

The next big concert for me is a professional concert with the London Sinfonietta in March (at Kings Place).

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submission February 2016