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Henry Cash - Piano


1- You currently piano with Rustem Hayroudinoff at the Royal Academy of Music. How is this progressing?

I feel I am improving as a musician day by day at the Royal Academy of Music. Rustem is an inspiring teacher and I really enjoy my lessons with him.​

2- You previously won the 2016 RNCM Chopin prize. What pieces did you play and what were your feelings at the time?

I played Chopin Sonata No.2 in the competition. At the time I felt it had gone well and that I had done enough preparation, however, I play the piece very differently now. Interpretations constantly change over the years.

3- Is your family musical?

Apart from my dad there is are no musicians in my family. My dad occasionally plays the piano and guitar but I am unique in the family as I am the only one to pursue music seriously as a career.​

4- In August 2016 you were appointed a Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music (LRSM). How did this rare honour feel like?

I was extremely happy to receive my LRSM. It was certainly a lot of work (writing as well as playing) and I was delighted when I received the honour.

5- What are your fondest musical memories, privately or performing?

I remember as a child (around 10 years old) being at home playing the piano all day and being fascinated by the instrument. Hours would pass without me even realising. I always think back to those days when I feel under pressure with practise.

6- Would you consider teaching music in the future?

I already have a couple of piano students and I would love to continue teaching as part of my career in the future.

7- How do you balance your time commitments in terms of study, research, performance? What are the biggest sacrifices?

I always feel I have enough time to practice as well as study. There is a lot of academic work at the Royal Academy but I manage my time well, so it doesn’t get on top of me. I tend to practice throughout the day in any gaps in my timetable. I have never really felt that pursuing a career in music has involved sacrifices because I enjoy it so much. I am surrounded by friends who are all doing the same thing as me which is motivating. Moving away from home to go to Chetham’s School of Music as a 13 year old was a small sacrifice but I soon found many friends and it became a second home.

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submission September 2019