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Cem Güven - Composer


Cem Güven (b.22.11.1997) is a composer from Turkey/Istanbul, who graduated from the Juilliard School in New York (bachelors in music), studied with Prof. John Corigliano and now he studies at the Royal Academy of Music (Masters Program) with Dr. Rubens Askenar. Cem Güven recently became a composer of Universal Edition of Wien, where his scores are being published and distributed, in addition, he became an artist of Talent Unlimited in London. Güven is an award-winning composer in competitions for orchestral and chamber music worldwide such as Alblaze Records Award, Academia Musica Vienna Composer Award in two different categories (chamber and string orchestra compositions) Franz Schubert Consevatorium Award in chamber music category, Musica Per Archi (2nd prize), “Orient Occident” (3rd Prize) which are organized by KLK New Music Society. Güven has worked with well-known ensembles such as Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Attacca Quartet, Riot Ensemble, University of Texas Wind Ensemble, Trio Mazzolini, Opera Elect, Juilliard Percussion Ensemble, Tbilisi State Opera Chamber Orchestra and soon to work with Sydney Contemporary Orchestra. Güven also participated in music festivals such as Valencia International Performing Academy, Curtis Summerfest and Soundscape.

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