Meral Güneyman

Meral Güneyman


There is something to be said about an organization that operates with the utmost professionalism, fairness and receptivity to new ideas. Now imagine if this organization is also non-profit, running the show solely to help young people to further their music education and at the same time providing opportunities for well established musicians.

While my intention is to describe my experience with ‘Talent Unlimited’, I can only do so by crediting Ms. Canan Maxton, its founder. Canan cares about everybody. She is a beautiful lady with incredibly youthful, positive energy.

In November of 2010, I played my concert at London’s St. James Church, on a gorgeous Fazioli. During my stay and practice, a few days before the concert, Canan hosted me at her home. I had the privilege of meeting her adorable family and friends too. Before my concert, I was surrounded by supportive friends. After the concert, during a lovely reception, I had the chance to mingle with my most sophisticated and appreciative audience. Never mind the stresses of making my recital debut in a major European city, I was such a happy camper the whole time.

Canan is a true friend of the Arts.

Onward and upward Canan Maxton and Talent Unlimited!!

Meral Güneyman, December 2010


It was a great privilege and honour to have been asked to give the inaugural lecture of “Talent Unlimited” at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, on 5 October 2010. My topic was the history of “Naum Theatre”, 19th-century Istanbul’s regrettably long perished Italian opera house, the subject also of a book I recently had published in Turkey. The reason why we are deprived today of the heritage of such a historic theatre is that it was never re-built after a devastating fire reduced it to ashes in a matter of few minutes in June 1870. Not enough funds were secured through donations to make it viable for the reconstruction to commence and the barren plot was eventually sold and redeveloped as a shopping arcade. It is a tragic reminder of how artistic continuity can easily be hindered due to lack of private patronage. What is valid for a home of the arts is no different to the fate of the would-be artists, who without sufficient support and funding at a crucial stage in their training will be inevitably deprived of successfully mastering their vocation, especially in a rapidly changing world where sadly education means more and more “big business” with exorbitant tuition fees. “Talent Unlimited” is a new charity which promises to address this important imbalance by providing financial support and advice to those students of music who are in need of assistance. One must always remember that a charity can only give as much as it takes and generates financially. Canan Maxton, the founding trustee of “Talent Unlimited”, has selflessly put herself forward in this noble cause to set an example to us all and we must do all we can to support this exciting new charity in its support of young promising professional musicians of the future in their journey to un-limit their talent.

Dr Emre Aracı, January 2011