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Edward Leung, Piano


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Talent Unlimited was registered (Reg.No.1139220) as a British charity in 2010 and since then we have grown into a large family. At the moment we have about 130 musicians, plus 12 SUPPORTING ARTISTS. You can see the list under the PROFILES and SUPPORTING ARTISTS Boxes. This is a rather large number for people to look through and to make our website more user-friendly we have decided to separate the PROFILES box into two and move some of the musicians who have been registered with us for many years into the ALUMNI box.

Talent Unlimited will continue to support, mentor, nurture and promote young talent coming through the ranks of music schools in London and surroundings and are proud of the achievements of these young musicians so far and proud that we have had a part to play in their success story.

The story doesn’t end there, we will continue in our mission to support the artists in the ALUMNI box while extending our hand of advice and promotion to a new generation. Conditions of study and living in costly cities such as London are as hard as ever, so the needs do not end, but continue to grow. Those amongst the Alumni of Talent Unlimited can always call upon us for advice, logistic support and exposure through concerts. We can still give them run-through concerts and we will still continue to pay them a fee when they perform for us. Basically, nothing much is changed in essence but simply the website is made more user-friendly by pointing out that some of our musicians are ‘graduates’ of Talent Unlimited. Those who look through the website to choose an artist for a concert might prefer to know those with longer years of professional development behind them. This will give our ‘graduates’ a better standing while remaining a part of the Talent Unlimited family.

We are grateful to our past sponsors and supporters and always open to further ideas and financial support from our benefactors. Please get in touch to help us continue in our mission.


click for the profile of Timothy Adesina
Timothy Adesina
click for the profile of Gerard Aimontche
Gerard Aimontche
click for the profile of Félix Ardanaz
Félix Ardanaz
Jason Bae
Güray Başol
click for the profile of Donat Bayer Berköz
Donat Bayer Berköz
Henry Cash
Leylâ Cemiloğlu
Thibault Charrin
Chi-Hoi Cheung
Stefan Ćirić
Julian Clef
Leona Crasi
Konstantinos Destounis
Mandakhtuya Dorj
Stavros Dritsas
William Dutton
Eduardo Frias
Ashley Fripp
Salih Can Gevrek
Artur Haftman
click for the profile of Nadav Hertzka
Nadav Hertzka
Cyrill Ibrahim
Martin Jacoby
Ilya Kondratiev
Ke Ma
Aurèle Marthan
Viv McLean
click for the profile of Marta Menezes
Marta Menezes
click for the profile of Jose Menor
José Menor
click for the profile of Erdem Mısırlıoğlu
Erdem Mısırlıoğlu
click for the profile of Alexi Musnitksky
Alexi Musnitsky
Haley Myles
click for the profile of Riyad Nicolas
Riyad Nicolas
Can Okan
Aleksandar Pavlovic
Vitaly Pisarenko
Amber Rainey
Vasco Dantas Rocha
Yasmin Rowe
Imma Setiadi
Samson Tsoy
Tolga Atalay Ün
Philip Voldman
Amiran Zenaishvili
Kirill Zheleznov


Nihat Ağdaç
Adriana Cristea
Will Dutton
click for the profile of Emre Engin
Emre Engin
Alpay Jan İnkilap
Arda Karakaya
Erzhan Kulibaev
Joana Ly
Mevlan Mecid
click for the profile of Assya Nurzhigitova
Assya Nurzhigitova
click for the profile of Anna Orlik
Anna Orlik
click for the profile of Cristian Grajner De Sa
Cristian Grajner De Sa
click for the profile of Francina Moll Salord
Francina Moll Salord
Emily Sun
Hannah Tarley
click for the profile of Elisabeth Turmo
Elisabeth Turmo


Opal Beşli
Nazlı Erdoğan
Jordan Sian


click for the profile of Jonathan Bloxham
Jonathan Bloxham
click for the profile of Dorukhan Doruk
Dorukhan Doruk
click for the profile of Hüseyin Gündoğdu
Hüseyin Gündoğdu
click for the profile of Cansın Kara
Cansın Kara
Zoé Saubat
Egor Semenov

Double Bass

click for the profile of Emre Erşahin
Emre Erşahin
Jon Martinez Valganon

Classical Guitar

Sam Brown
click for the profile of Emre Gökalp
Emre Gökalp


Mathilde Caldérini


Poppy Beddoe
Özlem Çelik


Victoria Puttock


Lucy Anderson
Jacob Bettinelli
Mark Bonney
click for the profile of Pervin Çakar
Pervin Chakar
Iúnó Connolly
click for the profile of Timothy Connor
Timothy Connor
Claire Egan
Nazan Fikret
Phoebe Haines
Alison Langer
Bethan Langford
Irina Loskova
click for the profile of Rozanna Madylus
Rozanna Madylus
click for the profile of Martin Milnes
Martin Milnes
Ricardo Panela
Raphaela Papadakis
Eleanor Penfold
Richard Pinkstone
click for the profile of Clare Presland
Clare Presland
Erin Gwyn Rossington
Nicola Said
click for the profile of Ezgi Saydam
Ezgi Saydam
click for the profile of Kim Sheehan
Kim Sheehan
Oksana Sliubyk
Nicky Spence
Alexandra Stenson
Lawrence Thackeray
Katy Thomson
He Wu
Waimay Yau


Anna Quiroga


Timothy Ellis

Opera director

Aylin Bozok

Chamber groups

Trio Anima
Artha Quartet
The Busch Trio
Duo Asteria


Jake Dorfman
Harry Sever
Mehmet Erhan Tanman


Jonathan Bloxham
Nicolò Foron
Jack Wong